Textile Design


Hochschule Luzern - Design & Kunst
Prof. Dr. Andrea Weber Marin,
Prof. Tina Moor, Isabel Rosa Müggler
Création Baumann AG

Optimum – the name stands for «optical microstructuring and metallisation». The objective of the CTI-supported (Commission for Technology and Innovation) research project, which is at the same time a pictorial vision, has been summed up by its authors in the following terms: «Imagine textiles in space which glitter like diamonds, either in daylight or with artificial light in the evening.» The project has been carried out in partnership with EMPA, Rapperswil College and a number of industrial partners. It involved technological adaptations, and the choice of a textile material suitable for creating mysterious colour effects in the form of holograms by means of spectral colours. The end result was the application-related product «Optimum» – a system consisting of fabrics, mobile fastenings and LED lighting, with the help of which the sensuous quality of the textiles can be presented in space with exceptionally telling effect.